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Majyk Equipe

Comfort Wide One Piece Stability Leathers

Comfort Wide One Piece Stability Leathers

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Majyk Equipe's Comfort Wide One Piece Stability Leathers are made of the finest Argentine Leather. Argentine Leather is chosen by luxury auto makers for upholstery in some of the top cars in the world. Known for its for its long lasting durability and beauty.

These leathers are skived from one complete piece of leather, unlike others that are made from two pieces sewn together. This gives them increased strength, making them a long lasting option. By avoiding the middle join, the leathers are smooth under your leg for the ultimate comfort. Finished with two stylish pearlized buttons and sizing embossed into the leather for easy sizing. These leathers offer a top of the line option for any rider looking for comfort and stability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Finest Argentine Leather
  • One Piece Construction – Not Skived from 2 pieces of Leather
  • Extra Wide for Comfort
  • Helps Keep Leg Stable
  • No Middle Join Under the Leg
  • Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Sizing embossed into leather
  • Classic Pearl Button Finish
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