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Sport Boot (Dressage)


Product Description:

Features • Unique Shape Readily Conforms to Leg • Reinforced Breathable Bonded Mesh Outer • ARTi-LAGE Impact Protection • Ultra Lightweight, Breathable & Comfortable • Four Layer Construction • Non Neoprene Anti Bacterial Bio Foam • Double Stitched Binding and Finishes • Long Straps for Adjustment

Sold as a Pair

Hose off and Air Dry (Can use 1 part detergent to 7 parts water)

The Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage boot features a tough, flexible outer mesh bonded to a breathable backing for durability and breathability. Its four-layer construction guards against dust, moisture, and heat build-up, making it perfect for longer training sessions. The inner side has a strike guard with ARTi-LAGE technology to protect against impact from rubbing and over-extension. The boot also has an eco-friendly Bio Foam interior with extra-large perforations for heat prevention and a super-soft finish for comfort and traction. Double-stitched finishes ensure durability, and it's ideal for trail riding as it doesn't pick up grass and burrs like traditional boots.