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Cool plus Compression Study - important for ice boots

Studies show that cooling PLUS compression offers more benefits than cooling alone.

Majyk Equipe's Cooling and Compression Ice Boots offer both.

Theorized Effects of Cryotherapy on Soft Tissue Injury

  • Reduces progression of microvascular injury
  • Reduces leukocyte-mediated tissue damage
  • Reduces secondary hypoxic tissue damage
  • Reduces inflammatory symptoms
  • Reduces the action of inflammatory mediatorsy
  • Reduces hemorrhagey
  • Helps to restore normal capillary function

Factors That Maximize Lymphatic Flow

  • Contraction of surrounding muscles
  • Movement of the extremities
  • Pulsations of arteries that are adjacent to lymphatic vessels
  • External compression of soft tissues

"The separate benefits of cryotherapy and external compression appear to be amplified when the two therapeutic modalities are used in combination.External compression helps to restore normal physiologic processes within damaged tissue and it increases the depth of temperature reduction achieved by the application of cold to the body surface. Both the rate and magnitude of tissue cooling are increased by combined therapy, as compared to the effect of cold application without compression. A greater magnitude of compression is associated with a shorter amount of time for a given level of tissue temperature reduction."

Source: Tricia Hubbard PHD, Cryotherapy and Intermittent Pneumatic Compression for Soft Tissue Trauma, 2009;

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