Collection: Leather Horse Boots

Our Top of the Line 100% Leather Horse Boot Collection is much more affordable than you might think. We make our boots only with top grade leather (the same sort used by luxury car manufacturers for its sophisticated look and hard wearing nature.) We never use Calf skin, all our leathers are by-products and we use adult skins only. Our boots have non neoprene liners (so no heating up the legs) and are infused with impact protection to protect your horse's legs while keeping them cool and ventilated. Liners are anti fungal and anti bacterial. All boots come with removable liners. Finished with antique buckles or snap closures. Available in Medium/Large (warmblood) size or pony size. Please see 'Fit Your Horse' page for sizing. 

For our 100% Leather Series we use only the finest Argentine Leather.

Argentinian leather is safe for all purposes and is especially suitable for showjumping and polo - many of the Argentinian designs favor these sports.
In Argentina, due to good pasture and suitable climates, the cows are raised in the wild and are free to roam and graze as they wish. In European countries where  intensive breeding programs are common place, animals spend several months in sheds and are fed balanced rations. Food is a very important factor in the quality of the leather, animals whose diets are intended to create greater muscle mass and fat produce unfavorable skins and accordingly their hides are of bad shape and of little value.
The Argentine leather manufacturing process includes over 25 key steps from the moment  the raw material enters the tannery until it qualifies for export. Audi, Mercedes Benz , BMW and Porsche are some of the major car brands in the world who choose to trust the quality of  Argentine leather. Approximately 25% of all leathers for the automotive industry in the world come from Argentina. Our leather features:

  • High tensile strength.
  • Resistance to tear.
  • High resistance to flexing.
  • High resistance to puncture.
  • Good heat insulation.
  • Leather contains a great deal of air, which is a poor conductor of heat.
  • Permeability to water vapor.

The most common and antique type of tannin is the Quebracho tree extract, a tree indigenous of Argentina. From its bark, a characteristically red-colour powder can be obtained that gives the leather a warm and brilliant shade which together with a compact texture, makes it more resistant to water and atmospheric agents.