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Protective Horse Boot Test

We submitted our boots to one of the leading specialist test laboratories for testing blunt trauma. This laboratory specializes in testing protective equipment for riot police and military special forces.

To test the blunt force trauma sustained by a protective horse boot, the laboratory attached the boot to an anvil designed to represent a horse leg. Two levels of force testing were conducted - one at a speed and impact designed to emulate a horse strike at trot and another faster stronger level designed to emulate a horse strike at canter. An anvil was used to strike the boot with the trajectory and strength expected in a real life situation. Three different boot samples were used.

Note: The results of this test reflect how much force was allowed to travel through the boot - i.e. how well the boot protected. The HIGHER the number in the charts below, the MORE force was allowed to pass through the boot. Therefore the LOWEST number possible is the desired outcome.

Result:  In both tests (tests conducted with differing force and speed), Majyk Equipe scored the lowest number. These tests show how well these boots protect against blunt trauma and how well they absorb the shock created by a hard strike.