About us

We Are Riders First and Foremost.

Majyk Equipe is a California USA Horse Protection and Equestrian Lifestyle company that specializes in original, innovative designs and technologies.

We spent most of our working lives designing Sporting Athletic wear for humans at the top Fortune 500 companies in the world. With years of experience designing highly technical human athletic gear, we realized that we could apply the same key principles to the equine world and make a difference. Its no coincidence that many of our materials are chosen by the leading sports manufacturers in the world. Human sports equipment is light years ahead of the average materials used for horses, and we wanted to change that. 

 As horse owners ourselves, we know the misery of horse injury both emotionally and financially. We knew there were better choices than the materials and processes we saw in many products sold by older companies. We decided to choose better.

We built our line using superior eco-friendly products, even though they cost more than the 'traditional' materials. It’s why all our liners are neoprene free, our construction techniques require more steps and our ground breaking technologies lead the way in the industry.

We realized that many 'equestrian' brands, weren't designing and making their products from scratch. Many of them were buying ready made designs from factories that were making a whole host of things from buckets to gardening equipment then simply sewing a logo onto the item. With horse protective wear, there are so many elements that must be considered - that's why we are specialists and design, engineer, source and manufacture everything from the ground up. We know every piece that goes into our products and don't rely on a non-equestrian specialist to make our products like so many others do.

It’s why you’ll never find exact duplicates of our products.  Because we’re unique, you will never find identical boots with a different brand name. Unlike older brands, we were born in the internet age. This allows us to make world class products that won't break the bank with layers of distributors and middlemen adding to the price. Customers seek us out and buy again and again.  Top ranked athletes approach us to get involved. Riders around the globe are taking notice.

We have the experience of yesterday and the modernity of today.

Get Ready to Believe in Majyk.


About Our Name

People often ask us how we named our company and why. The correct way to pronounce it is (MAGIC E-KEEP). We named our company after our beloved Dutch warmblood mare, Majyk Motion (Magic Motion.) Majyk passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer leaving us with a huge void to fill. Not only was she our family horse, she was our test model, teacher, mentor and a fearless competitor. She was, and will always be the inspiration for every product we make. We miss her every day. Majyk's name lives on in her talented daughter, Deynika, and her babies - Devonika, Neva and  ‘Duchess’ (Let's Make Majyk)  We are so proud to keep this family going and continue to celebrate the legacy left to us by these wonderful horses.


Majyk Motion (Majyk)          Let's Make Majyk (Duchess)