Care and Warranty


You can be confident that you have purchased a first quality product that has been designed by specialists to meet the highest standards. We wish you and your horse many, many happy hours of use :)




To prolong the life of the boots, we suggest wiping down the outer shell with a damp cloth after each ride. This will help prevent dust build up and will avoid having to wash them as often. From time to time, you may wish to wash your Majyk boots in gentle detergent.  Please read individual care/wash instructions on your boots and DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. All boots should be laid out on a towel and left to air dry.


These boots can be treated in a similar way to the hard shell boots. We suggest wiping them down with a damp cloth after each ride. This will help prevent dust build up and will avoid having to wash them as often. From time to time, you may wish to wash your Majyk boots in gentle detergent.  Please read individual care/wash instructions on your boots and DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY. All boots should be laid out on a towel and left to air dry.

Our  Color Elite Series boots are coated with a special 'ForeverClean' coating. This coating helps to prevent mud and dirt from sticking to the boot, allowing it to slide off and keep the boots looking pristine for longer. Buffing or over rubbing will diminish the ForeverClean coating, so these boots should be lightly rinsed and left to air dry without towel drying. Color Elite boots will dry faster than untreated boots so they are very easy to care for. Because of the special coating it may not be necessary to wash the outside as often, but the inside foam should still be cleaned from time to time to ensure they are clear of dust and dirt particles.  The ForeverClean coating is breathable and eco friendly.


 Our genuine leather boots are made of the finest quality Argentine leather. . Because Argentine cows are allowed to roam freely (unlike most European cows), Argentine cows build thicker, healthier hides. This makes their leather one of the most durable kinds of leather available. Argentine leather is chosen by leading car manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi and BMW to give a luxury look while holding up very well to the rigors of hard use. All of our Genuine Leather Series have removable liners for easy cleaning. Simply peel the liner from its velcro backing inside the boot and brush off excess dust and dirt. Then gently hand wash the liner in light detergent and water mix and leave to air dry. The outer leather should be lightly wiped with a cloth. We recommend using a leather cleaner designed for equestrian tack or simple saddle soap to keep the leather flexible and strong 


Our saddle pads are designed to hold up well under a variety of conditions. In order to get the best from your pad, always follow the wash instructions and never machine wash saddle pads or dry them in a dryer.  Pads can be rinsed off in the wash rack. We suggest using minimal soap products to wash pads - a good rinse should give good results. Laundry soap suitable for leather goods only should be used with sheepskin pads as these are natural materials. Do not use harsh detergents with any pads.


Our girths are constructed from materials designed to last. Always follow the wash instructions on your girth and make sure that you keep all your tack clean. You may remove the liner from time to time for cleaning. To clean, lightly immerse a sponge in soapy water (hand wash detergent is best), wring out and gently wipe across the liner. Do not pull or tug on the liner excessively and never put the liner into the washing machine or dryer. All our liners are anti bacterial/anti fungal so you will need to clean less often than a neoprene liner.



We pride ourselves on having the best warranties in the protective equine industry - (go ahead check out the others - most offer 'as new' warranty only or shorter warranty period) Our products are designed to last under normal wear conditions and we stand behind our protective horse boots, girths and pads with a one year warranty. Normal wear is not covered by the warranty, but products that are deemed defective will be replaced. Because of the nature of their wear, overreach boots and fly items can only be returned if they are found to be defective prior to use.


If you purchase directly from this web site, we will automatically register you for warranty at the time of purchase. If you purchase from a third party retailer (tack store, other online retailer, mobile unit, horse show etc) you have 60 days from your purchase date to register for warranty under the terms listed below. Only items under active warranty will be assessed. Please note - only items purchased from Authorized Majyk Equipe dealers will be covered under warranty. If you are unclear, please check with the seller before purchasing to make sure that you are buying from an authorized dealer.


We are confident that you will join the thousands of customers who love our products. Please inspect your order as soon as you receive it. You should contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item. Please consult our fit charts and detailed measurements so that you can make sure to order the correct size for your horse.


In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase on this site, you have fifteen days from receipt of product to contact us. To be eligible for a full refund you must contact us via email within 15 days of receiving your items.  Returned product must be as-new condition and in the original packaging.  Refunds will be made in full (less any applicable shipping costs or free goods.)   All Gift Card purchases are final. Customized or Special Limited Edition items are not eligible for a refund. To contact us to request a Return Authorization number for returns that meet the criteria above, please email us at  We will send you a Return Authorization Number issued by Majyk Equipe. Please include your order number in your email.  We cannot accept or be held responsible for any products sent to us without a valid RA number and any cost of returning product without an RA number will be at the customer's expense. You will also need to write the RA number on the outside of the box as directed. 


If you have a question about products that were purchased from a retailer, please contact the retailer directly as all retailers have differing return policies. Your retailer should contact us to confirm your product is registered for warranty.


Our products are expected to perform well under normal conditions as long as they are cared for in the ways described above. We will assess all products previously registered for warranty below. While our 1 year warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry (most others are only up to 6 months from purchase), we cannot accept items that show abnormal damage or damage caused through wear and tear.  Fit issues are not covered by the warranty. We also do not cover items that show changes in the materials, items that have been chewed, trampled or damaged by an animal or a vehicle or by using tools not meant to be used for horse tack. This and any abnormal damage caused by misuse of the product, or by alteration, is not covered by the warranty. Any unusual cuts, ripping, rubbing, or holes  will be evaluated.

 Beyond the 15 day defective product period, we will only replace items that have previously been registered for warranty within 60 days of purchase. All other replacements will be at the customer's cost.


To make sure that your product is registered to be covered by warranty, simply fill out the form below within 60 days of purchase and click 'submit'.  Only forms that contain all the requested information will be accepted. Any forms submitted MUST include exact name of store and month/year of purchase to be considered. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your warranty record has been accepted and is on file. Please keep this safe. Any products purchased directly from this web site are automatically covered from date of purchase (no need to register).  Beyond the initial  'as new' return period, products not registered for warranty within 60 days of purchase will only be repaired/replaced at the customer's expense.  We will let you know if the product is deemed un-repairable.