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Contact-X Anti-Slip XC Pad


Product Description:

* All in one Pad can be used with or without a half pad * Super Lightweight Mesh Construction * Shock Absorbing Saddle Area Helps Prevent 'Bounce back' * High Cut Wither Relief * Brushed Suede look Stirrup Leather area * Easy to Clean * Breathable Construction, Helps Prevent Heat Build-Up 

Sold as a Single Unit.

Hose off and Hang to Dry.

The Contact - X Air Mesh XC Pad combines lightweight mesh with an anti-slip saddle area lined with breathable mesh. It has a proprietary shock-absorbent material in the saddle area for a comfortable ride, and reinforced girth wear area with attached billet straps. This eliminates the need for gel pads, felt half pads, and bulky pad combinations, and is a perfect fit for your saddle.